Feel Teal Twibbon 2016


I cannot emphasise enough the importance of “awareness” when it comes to informing the public about ovarian cancer.
As an advocate/campaigner, I’ve spent the past 16 years attempting various methods of communicating this crucial information and have witnessed great movement during the years within the community, all proudly displaying their TEAL support.
Now for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the colour TEAL, please allow me to make things clearer.

Globally we know to “Think Pink” for Breast cancer and there’s a constant source of funding flowing as a result-
For Ovarian cancer to achieve the same status, “Feel Teal” came into existence.

It’s that simple.

But what can you do to help? That too is simple.
The Feel Teal Club invites you to add a Twibbon to your Twitter profile, showing your support for this cause.


When done, be sure to RETWEET and share share share!

From a whisper to a roar….ovarian cancer SILENT NO MORE!6b71d668bae4


Breakthrough for ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough
The first treatment for advanced ovarian cancer in more than a decade has just been made more widely available to Australian patients.

It will be subsidised for women with stage 3 and 4 ovarian cancer in cases where surgery isn’t sufficient treatment.

Clinicians and patients say it’s a huge breakthrough for women who have so far had limited options.cooltext1606276668


For text discussion: http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2014/s4063447.htm


advocating awareness

Since the day ovarian cancer made itself known in my world, I have devoted much of my time to the act of spreading “awareness”.
Fourteen years on, and the work continues in hope that more females know enough to pay attention to their own bodies whilst passing the information on to other females in their lives.

We owe it to one and other to be informed and to be advocates for others!

From a whisper to A ROAR….Ovarian cancer, silent no more!



Frequently asked questions about Ovarian cancer


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