A Deal for Teal

A Deal for Teal

We are pleased to announce another special deal happening right now over at Lee’s Hope Jewelry



BEAUTIFUL one of a kind art to wear creations that give back!
Each purchase benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!


Feel Teal Twibbon 2016


I cannot emphasise enough the importance of “awareness” when it comes to informing the public about ovarian cancer.
As an advocate/campaigner, I’ve spent the past 16 years attempting various methods of communicating this crucial information and have witnessed great movement during the years within the community, all proudly displaying their TEAL support.
Now for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the colour TEAL, please allow me to make things clearer.

Globally we know to “Think Pink” for Breast cancer and there’s a constant source of funding flowing as a result-
For Ovarian cancer to achieve the same status, “Feel Teal” came into existence.

It’s that simple.

But what can you do to help? That too is simple.
The Feel Teal Club invites you to add a Twibbon to your Twitter profile, showing your support for this cause.


When done, be sure to RETWEET and share share share!

From a whisper to a roar….ovarian cancer SILENT NO MORE!6b71d668bae4

There has to be an answer….to cancer!

World Cancer Day seemed like a good time as any to take a moment and remember those we loved who sadly are no longer with us….the truth is I have enough names and photo’s to fill this page and some!

A cure for Cancer….someday soon there has to be an answer!

world cancer day and david bowie

As long as we’re together, the rest can go to hell..I absolutely love you!



World Cancer Day Event

Tomorrow is World Cancer Day…
Why not treat yourself or a friend to something beautiful , the gift that gives back!
20% of each purchase donates to T.E.A.L in their fight against Ovarian Cancer!
Lee’s Hope Jewelry celebrates February 4, 2016 World Cancer Day…give the gift that gives back!
Online Sale only

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Designed for a cause

A big part of my life involves raising awareness to Ovarian Cancer, the disease which claimed my mother’s life in 2000.
Along my “awareness” road I have encountered others much like me, doing their bit to ensure the female population know the signs & warnings of this dreadful cancer.
One such person is my sweet friend, Sarah Schlichter Weighknech.
Sarah lost her beautiful sister Lee, to Ovarian Cancer almost seven years ago and to this day spends time doing what her sister loved the most…creating jewelry.

Lee’s Hope Jewelry creates unique designs for every lady, every day with a percentage of each sale contributed to Ovarian Cancer networks as their gift of support.
Which design will YOU choose?

Right now all mismatched earrings are on sale at a low crazy price of $25.
Show off your stylish jewelry while showing your support!

To order all that is required is an email to receive your Paypal invoice.

Happy Video for OC Surviviors

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month right across the United States and from what I have been reading appears to be gearing up to something very special! For those like the Feel Teal Club, it is another golden opportunity to utilize the time for events and ideas which support this cause.
This year, we wanted to lift the spirits of those who truly deserve it….those amazing “warriors” who are endeavoring to  win their fight with the disease, as well as those many wonderful supporters who “have their back”. Every case, every diagnosis and every person is different….but we all come together as “one” when wanting to help those less fortunate and it can be something as simple as making them smile. Throughout September we will be asking the public to “Get Happy” by sharing a  photo or  video with us which will then be included in our upcoming “awareness” video! HAPPY PROMO

We hope to see plenty of submissions of “happy faces” and/or “happy feet” and look forward to sharing the final edit! So what are you waiting for?? Whether you are a Survivor or a Supporter we hope you will join in this fun project which is all part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness.

So get snapping and GET HAPPY!

For more information visit our Facebook page or feel free to drop us an email to feeltealclub@gmail.com