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How much do YOU know about Ovarian Cancer??

What is Ovarian Cancer?
Its when cells in the ovaries grow abnormally & the body’s natural defences can’t stop them-
These abnormal cells form growth:- CANCERS

Who is at risk?
Ovarian Cancer, the second most common female reproductive system cancer, can strike at any age, but it is most common among women just before entering menopause (perimenopause) and then during and after menopause.
This disease also tends to run in families, so women with first-degree relatives (a mother or sister) who have had ovarian cancer are at higher risk) Others at risk include women who have not had children or delayed their first pregnancy until after age 35 and those who have had colon, breast or endometrial cancer.
The causes of Ovarian Cancer are not known. Some factors seem to put women at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Many women who develop ovarian cancer do not have these risk factors. At the same time many women who do have the risk factors do not develop ovarian cancer. Other possible risk factors include long term use of genital deodorants & other products containing talc, & treatment with fertility drugs

What are the symptoms?
Most common symptoms are:
Unexplained weight gain; abdominal swelling and vague pelvic discomfort; change in bowel habit ie: diarrhoea or constipation; urinary changes ie: frequency or urgency; bleeding, apart from normal monthly period; feeling of fullness and bloating; indigestion or feeling ‘sick’; tired; loss of appetite



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